Wednesday, February 07, 2007

ab kya karenge bhai, ab kahan jayengei bhai.

most of the patients at the clinic are children. probably between 0-6 years. many of them when they come in and are sitting in the waiting area are initially pretty calm, some not so calm. some are agitated, some are curious and want to explore the different rooms, some are stuck to their parents and if you so much as look at them they bury their face in their moms arm. some will converse with the lab technician and the receptionist. some will run around the area and bang into some wall and start crying afterwards. but everything is generally under control. however, once they enter the doctors room its a whole different story altogether. my mom usually has a stock of candy and lollipops for these young visitors. so many of them who know my mom will enter the room and start eyeing the candy immediately. some who arent well trained will rush towards the drawer and pull some out. others will whisper in their moms ear and sometimes the mom may be embarassed to ask for candy for the kid. sometimes not. then there are some kids who look at my mom's white doctors coat and start crying. the crying pattern usually starts with this whimpering sounds and then a monotonous crying and suddenly it will be these loud shrieks. in 5 mins its all over and the kid is hopping and skipping out of the room. usually with some candy in their hand. like nothing ever happened.

today, this kid maybe 2 years old came in and my mom just touched her and she started screeching. no tears just screeching. my mom trying to reason with her was like "ronei sei kya fayda hoga". (whats the use in crying). the kid is probably thinking lady there are a gazillion uses of crying. hahaah. for some seconds the kid stopped crying, probably trying to weigh the pros and cons of crying and figured its best to continue. =). i wonder if ones personality forms from childhood, are we who we are as kids. are we born to be stubborn, moody, extroverted, introverted..etc. or do we become who we are as we grow up. and if we do change, which in these parts of our life were we our true self. the one we were as children, or the one we are now. or are we intrinsically the same and all we do is adapt to different situations/people and once alone in our domains we revert back to our true selfs.

alrite, i know i think way too much.

moving on. recently in dubai i had heard many of these educational institutions which are run in villas have been shut down. the charges have been that they arent affiliated/recognized enough, arent well run, dont give a quality education etc. today, i was in a neighbourhood of dubai and while passing by i noticed this institute and decided to check it out. the institute allows students to obtain their masters and bachelors in computer science/commerce and business and is affiliated with a university in india. it sounded pretty normal. and looked alrite from the outside. inside was a different story altogether, the counselor didnt know which programs they had, they didnt know who was teaching them. many of the students were standing outside and looked totally bored. the counselor was irritated and asked the receptionist to tell them to go inside. it was major chaos. and there was definite lack of respect between the management and the students. its probably too much judging from my side, in 10 mins i come to the conclusion, this isnt a well run institution. perhaps they are doign their best and perhaps they know not of any other way to react. perhaps its just the system. i oftne wonder why teachers are paid so less. when they are the ones who actually impart the knowledge and are probably the backbone of the school/uni etc. i majored in math not cause my parents wanted me too nor was it discussed at home a lot that it became my initial interest and something i just knew i would do but coz i had an excellent teacher which made me love the subject. but when i reached undergrad, math wasnt all it was made out to be =) and i developed mixed emotions. i wanted to major in french even but peer pressure and the whole-what-will-you-with-it-be-a-french-prof-deterred me. i think a lot of people have similar stories to mine. its a noble profession being a teacher, but so few people want to go into it. the only reason i can think of is due to the lack of money. i know that in US efforts are being made, to up the salary of teachers but sadly in dubai in schools and universities alike it remains, when you compare the qualifications required and the work done, in the lower range of payscales.


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