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purani jeans aur guitar.

as everyone says you have the best time of your life in college. i did too. those days of sitting with friends and doing nothing. often we used to write notes to each other in the library. one of my best friends N forwarded me these conversations, she had saved the pieces of papers we used to write on. some of these still hold true. and some are supremely cheesy. but all still make me smile.

***Practical Life Theorems (by N)***----
Theorem #1
----Formula: looks (proportional to) 1 / IQ
statement: a guy's looks are inversely propertional to his IQ-----

Theorem #2
-----formula: good-looking guy => (has GF) V (is gay)
statement: gook-looking guy at *insert universtiy name* implies either he has a girlfriend or he is gay


*** conversation about F and stinky desi (between N and H) ***

N: i think that F is trying to hit on this stinky desi
H: even i think so...good she's gonna buy him deodrant but also i think stink-bomb desi likes NA...she even shifted position but that stink desi is hitting on's an isosceles triangle.

and then those conversations when everyone is talking.

*** totally random coversation: multiple characters ****

P: i think many pple moved out of *some apartment complex*?
N: (don't know which N) loves --- (name is scribbled out)
N: this guy sitting behind u - desi - looks decent
Ni: yeh bahut baat karta hai - mr. hero
N: he became very interested in listening to your dilemma


*** everybody's favorite song (on a tissue) *** [since we dont waste]
HD: time after time
DM: total eclipse of the heart
NS: everybody wants to rule the world
PP: my heart will go on...
NiM: breaking my heart again

My first soap opera episode based on my best friend N and her aashiq awaras, AM, Pr, S and Nz. In reality none of them are awaras, just plain ashiqs. things have changed majorly now. now two are married and AM and N are together. This sad scene (haha) was penned a long time ago. and its just funny how life turns out. one thing didnt change though: my ability to waste time.

*** Kahin Deep jale, kahin dil - ek anokhi kahani ****(first play attempt by HD)

AM: Pr, mein N kei prem mein pagal ho gaya hoon...kaisei bataoon...kaisei...

Pr: tu fikar mat kar yaar, koi na koi haal nikal hee ayega (thinks) i hope not, main bhi hoon pagal N kei prem mein

S: main bhi

Nz: aur main bhi

N: don't worry boys, we shall have a swayamwar as according to tradition. first of all, all of you have to describe the ideal date

AM: you are my ideal...anywhere and everywhere we go will be ideal

N thinks: what a bore!

AM: but my ideal date would be dinner date in some desi restaurant (as i know now) that the way to N's heart is through her stomach and that too via indian food. and before that, i will play racketball with her and lose since she will think that i'm the perfect gentleman letting her win, which in truth i can't play myself.

Pr: loser, i will take her in my car for a spin. mere paas Ph.D. hai, gaadi hai, good looks hai, bad jokes and PJs bhi hain...tumhare paas kya hai?

S: mere paas dil hai, dil (dream sequence song: is deewani ladki ko koi samjhaye) my ideal date would be like the first time we met. after coding/programming for about 23 hrs straight, my eyes tired and wandered across the room and there in the midst i saw my apsara N sitting and coding like me...kindred spirits...this would be ideal date, me and her debugging forever and ever and ever...together.

Nz: watever you loser...pyar aisei nahin kiya jaata...pyar ho jata hai...i have thebiggest advantage since i'm as you all know paki (eat my dust)

Unknown person: KHAMOSH! N sirf meri hai...mein hi hoon lambi race ka ghoda....

The others: kaun ho tum?

Unknown: Main hoon.....(to be continued)


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trip down the memory lane?

came here through id's blog...

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lash: yea, days of yore gone by. prompted by sifting through old emails. thanks for visiting.

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