Friday, February 09, 2007

around the world in 4 hours.

so finally on the last day, since procrastination is our motto in life. we made it to global village and as my younger cousins call it "gv". the first signs of generation gap. "err..umm a wats gv?" and my cousin with a did-u-just-ask-me-that-look goes "H apa its global village!".haha. ok so global village is an area on the far far outskirts of dubai which tries to bring a piece of each country together. india pavillion wasnt very good and most of the stalls were selling shawls. and since we "know" the market and are super bad bargainers. we have had scenarios like "bhaiyaa yei 40 mein do". "maadam ( read mad maam) yei 30 ka hai". err,oh.
so we decided to avoid buying things that we can get in our own friendly neighbourhood of bur dubai. but it was not to be done and we succumbed in the pakistani stalls and ended up buying cotton suits and gazillion shaan masala packets, like they were going out of fashion or something. ok, thats not a great analogy. theres an interesting thing i observed here too. the herd mentality. there were these two stalls. one with the loud salesmen who was like in urdu, "last day of sale, excellent prices, very cheap, my flight is at 10, will sell everything and go." its true its the last day but probably his flight isnt at 10, but this got many people into the store and seeing the crowd in a store, more people want to get into the store. we too are guilty of that. and if you observe people and their spending patterns, you will notice in a crowded area. most people will look at things another person is looking at. sure, they may have the same taste. but if someone else likes it as well and shows interest in purchasing it, its very likely that even if you didnt like it that much you will buy it. i might be wrong, but at least thats what ive observed. we ended up buying two suits from there.
on the other hand in a neighbouring store, where the sales person wasnt loud at all and had far better quality suits at the same price, there was hardly anyone there. when we went back home, my mom sifting through the suits we bought was like you know i dont like these two so much (earlier one), unncessarily we bought it. =)
anyway, moving on. the chinese pavillion is filled with those thigns that you dont need but you end up buying coz they look nice and when you have to move houses you end up making a box named miscellaneous so you can dump that stuff in it. other than that i liked the singapore and iranian stalls. otherwise everything looked the same to me. still worth a visit. or many a visits.


Santosh 9:39 PM  

".. we have had scenarios like "bhaiyaa yei 40 mein do". "maadam ( read mad maam) yei 30 ka hai". err,oh. .."
lol I thought women are innate expert on bargaining...

"i hope u dont mind getting blogrolled on my blog.."

Khozem F Sahiwala 12:17 AM  

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life in words 12:55 AM  

santosh: its a myth. simply, women are badnam. =) i dont mind at all. im going to blogroll u too. thanks for visiting.

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