Saturday, January 27, 2007

kahani ghar ghar ki
my parents professor and his wife (aka aunty) are visiting. they must be 80+. but are still one of the most active people i have ever met. mashallah. they've been in dubai for 3 days but have seen practically all of it. even more than i would have ever seen. they are great company too. they are well versed in obviously medicine, but not only that in politics, culture, religion, geography and even pop culture. it felt almost like im talking to a colleague. not a barei buzurg.
on a side note i was listening to the radio today and the presenter was talking about moving process and how much of a pain it is (i agree) . anyway they asked listeners to sms their moving story. and some guy smsed saying they moved everything in their house but their nani who was sitting in the wheel chair. they forgot about her and until they reached the new house they were like wheres nani. so sad. they did mention they felt guilty later on and treated the nani. but it is quite sad and scary that a day could happen where your existence doesnt count at all to your children. and whether you are there or not there it makes no difference. sorry, i know im sounding very baghban-y. cant help it. it was on tv yest afternoon and all these occurences.
so anyway back to my story. so conversation was not dry or dull not even for a moment. there are things i learnt just my observing them. theyve been married for 50 years or so. im guessing from their age and their childrens age. and has been practicing medicine that many years too. and have accumulated enough of wealth but are still so simple in their demeanour and so respectful of each other. and the husband (aka doctor) has no interest in buying anything for himself and aunty was like i have to buy for him. im not saying that the new age metrosexual male who spends on himself is doing anything wrong. just its a little sweet that someone can be selfless like that.
anyway, that was one thing the other is the comfort one shares and that other people can sense in a couple that has been so many years together. then theres the josh in the awaz that one can see when you talk about your profession, even after so many years. you arent jaded, or cynical about office politics, mean spirited people etc. the doctors clinic is situated in a quite old building in Dadar in mumbai and the building has been there for maybe 60 years or so and is in quite a bad condition. however, since they have rent control and a maintenance fee control . the maintenace comes up to 30 rs a month. which is practically peanuts. so the landlord has no incentive watsoever to maintain it. many a times even though u know the situation you are so prone to cribbing but theres no cribbing from the docs side. just an acceptance.
then there was the conversation about living and loving mumbai, despite the traffic, pollution and over population. when the mumbai floods hit the kind of spirit that mumbai showed was so different from when hurricane katrina happened in the US. lastly theres their tragic story of their son who went to do his postgraduation in journalism in the US and passed away at a young age. its so easy to become disheartened and i often do. but when you see people like this who make you realize that you should be grateful for everything you have and should appreciate life as it comes.


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