Friday, January 26, 2007

happy republic day.

one of these years on this particular day im going to be in new delhi sitting and watching the parade in real time. that too in the bee sunglasses. this trend (bee glasses) has got my mom quite happy that her zamanei kei sunglasses are in again. and many years ago those same pairs that made me cringe now are like hmm these arent so bad. however no matter how much fashion changes, if ever the pahar jaisa hairstyle becomes in, i will not follow. anyway, 26 jan in dxb when we were kids wasnt whole lot of fun. we would go to this indian assoc event every year as my parents were members and children from other schools would have these dance performances in different languages, basically from all over different parts of india. and there would be gazillion dance performances. they ended up looking all the same to me. and i suppose as a kid you dont really appreciate these things its only when you get much older. me and my sister would spend most of the time playing rock paper scissors and sadly we missed out on being more culturally inclined.


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