Sunday, December 17, 2006

two days and more.

so in case of the situation where they dont let me start early and i end up being @home for many months. many of my friends think im the luckiest person on earth to have such a huge break. i get so many of the its-the-last-time-u-will-have-such-a-long-holiday-u-wont-get-any-leave-when-ure-working. blah blah blah. i dont know why pple keep saying that to me. its just freaking me out. well for one, i could go back and do my phd (yea rite) ok thats the last resort and im not even thinking about it unless they pay me and beg me to go back and do it. which will never happen unless i develop another brain or something. well two, i could quit my job. khuda na khasta. pls god dont make that happen. but im just saying. it could happen. i could become this famous script writer for some desi movie and write and direct and i could take 6 months off and go scouting for some location for my movie. overeactive imagination. i could also decide to have my own cafe and ditch the job. ok that comes in the category of quitting my job. on brighter thoughts, i could become the MD of the bank and work from home or like pretend im working in the overseas office and actually be holidaying in the bahamas or something or wherever MD's (managing director) holiday. who knows.

so i really dont want to take a long break between school and work unless im using that time to do the cliched backpacking around the world (which i have no funds for-but i guess i can start the poor-graduate-student-backpacking-fund) i have no idea how i can get money for this. that is such a selfish motive, why would anyone pay. and besides i think my mom would flip. her reaction to me when i wanted to go study abroad for the summer semester in undergrad( abroad in terms of spain). "why do u want to go abroad from abroad". the first abroad being the US. and then again this backpacking thing is very romanticisized (sp!) thanks to movies, its not all hunky dory and if it is then ure not really doing the backpacking the correct way. u arent supposed to stay in good hotels and eat in good restaurants. ure supposed to be living the simple life. sorry im quoting from a stupid reality show.

neway, so now my alternatives is to get back the teaching job. which is a really out there idea. coz its highly unlikely they would hire me for 4 months. unless i pay them to hire me. who knows then they might. but then who knows they might not. unless they didnt have to pay me. then again i found the uni very cliquey and the students kept smirking at me. its weird being called maam by pple who are even older tahn u. neway if thats the case id rather work in the psychiatry department of some hospital. im not sure if ill be able to volunteer. i will need to pull major strings to even ask for a volunteering job. too many medical students doing the rounds and plus im not even doing anything related to medicine. but then agian i can say maybe i want to. but thats opening a whole can of worms and its enough to make my family beserk. if not that, then the radio station. i dont even mind doing the midnite shows when only the broken hearted or those who are studying are listening to the radio. and plus id be less self concious coz hardly anyone would be listening. but that again is really tough to get into in dubai coz its popular and eveyrone wants to be the rj and get free tickets to every movie premiere. competiion is so tough sometimes. or i can do the most unexciting and the most likely to come true. i can go back to my old job and be asked a gazillion times when im either moving back to dxb or when im getting married or when im going to become their boss. haaha, i wish. seriously pple have this fear that ill come back and take over their position. chillax, dudes. or maybe they are humoring me and are like going u wish. i have few friends at work place so it cant be that bad but i really dont want to end up working till 8 every day and on my weekends too. on technically the months, where im supposed to be on "holiday"

damn. why is it so hard to make decisions.

P.S on a totally tangent topic, the new ben stiller movie about statues and paintings coming alive in the museum when its nite is one of my must-sees. when i was a kid i used to imagine that this happened. i used to even think that perhaps even all our stuffed animals and my sisters dolls came alive when we were in the deepest slumber of sleep. then i grew up and id ont think that anymore. (hmm) haha i dont. but i was so excited to see that someone thought like me and made a movie of it. wot, can i say great minds think alike. now that ive said that im so sure the movie is going to stink and will flop bigtime.


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