Saturday, December 16, 2006

todays senti scene of the day.

dil chahta hai ( the heart desires)

sid: Kyun chahti ho tum akash ko itna? [ why do u like akash so much?]
deepa: pata nahin, bas chahti hoon. [ i dont know just do]
sid: deepa, tum bahut achi larki ho. [ deepa ure a really nice girl]
deepa: (angrily) if mein itni achi larki hoon, toh phir mujhei akash kyun nahin pasand karta!
[if im so nice, then why does akash not like me]
sid: yei reit dekh rahi ho, isko jitna bhi koshish karo pakadnei kei liyei wutni hi jaldi haath sei pisal thi hai.
[u see this sand, (holding sand in his palm), the tighter u try to hold it, the faster it slips away from ure hand]

(ok this is majorly paraphrased and the hindi is so much better in the movie)

i love this movie. and this is one of my favorite scenes in this movie. the others are too long to write/type.

- Dialogue from DCH (Farhan akhtar)


yasmine,  10:07 AM  

best desi filum everrrrrrrrrr. =)

life in words 2:04 PM  

hahah true that.

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