Monday, December 11, 2006

the trials and tribulations of buying an airline ticket in december

ok the above title has everything to do with my post. firstly, i dont know why everyone insists on traveling at the same time as ME. yea im a procrastinator. sorry Procastinator with a capital p. neway, its been quite a hassle getting a reasonable priced (read cheap ticket) back home. yea i can do it online rite. wrong. in the world of credit cards, those who dont have one are at a huge disadvantage. and forget using someone elses card, some airlines have these stupid restrictions that the credit card holder has to be one of the travelers. so if suppose i was a 15 year old who wanted to travel alone and obviously i dont have a credit card. i cant ever travel using that airline. thats just reducing ure clientele. and that is just bad business.

second rant: after i call up the airline to report this huge inconvenience, the rep tells me ok i can book it on the phone but oops wait let me check..oops oh the ticket is no longer there. and when i loook back at the website, surprise suprise its no longer there. one of my friends/bhai knows all these ecommerce tricks and im so irritated and having been duped many times by these airline websites. its all a hoax, they can track exactly what ure accessing and conveniently reduce the demand and push the price up. or remove the ticket altogether and make u all frantic and paranoid enough to buy the mroe expensive ticket that u see. sneaky psychology, if u ask me.

neway finally i decide to find a travel agent the point of last resort, and its always shaky to do that. an asian friend gave me her far east travel agent number. i called her she totally said flatly no im not a travel agent. then my friend immediately called her back, and they started conversing in chinese, the normal pleasantries hi how are you hows it going and all that. and then the lady goes so by the way are u looking for a ticket. this is my WTH moment. so my friend is like yea my friend wants a ticket back home and then she says oh we dont do that route coz all are clients are far east asian and its far too expensive for us as a travel agency. okaaaay, why did she have to lie about it. so weird. and waisei bhi acha hua u never know kahin aur na paunch jao.

so then i decided desi travel agent. but sometimes they have a reputation of giving dhagga/dhoka/ditching u. at least i remember a long ago incident of my friends. or else they think that ure related to them and they yell at u on the phone "arrei kyun pehlai book nahin kiya, ab kaisei milega! bibi ji kuch hai nahin! kya karei!"(why didnt u book it before, now how will we get it, there is nothing, what should i do!) and i mean really yelling.

talk about way too much apna pan jatana.

even my mom doesnt yell at me like this. hell no one yells at me like this. and then obviously i go into my bheegi billi mode and im like haan ji haan ji.sahi hai sir jee. (andar sei im like fool just give me the ticket! ticket aajaye phir dekhna) . ok yea im all talk. im a bheegi billi. period.

i just hope i can find something soon. cant waitttttt to go home!


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