Friday, December 15, 2006

the forgotten ones

im one of those pple who usually do their supermarket shopping usually under some timeline/deadline/curfew. max an hour. and i usually make a list of what all i need and should buy. and then theres the list of stuff i dont need and shouldnt buy. but which i still end up buying. chocolate cake/icecream etc all come into this category. neway, usually im in my own world and dont even look around who is in my surroundings.

today at the check out counter, i saw this elderly lady struggling with her purchases and managed to stand behind me in the line. I asked her if she wanted to go ahead in front of me. when the guy in front of me was like the check out lady has said that he would be the last one before she goes off duty. WTH.

i so wanted to punch him. the elderly lady looked at me and was like im 91 years old and im doing my shopping alone. i felt so bad at that moment. wat kind of life is this where u reject the elderly and leave them to fend on their own. wat kind of life is this where simple things are a struggle to do and u become so dependant on someone else. but then there is no someone else coz no one cares. i felt so sad and was like if u wait five mins i can help drop ure stuff home. she said thanks and i quickly went to another line and got my stuff scanned and quickly paid and when i came back she was gone. i looked outside as well around the area but i couldnt find her. i hope someone helped her.

allah kabhi kissi ko mohtaji na dei.


sharique 6:31 PM  

I wonder that elders in US are never treated the way they should be. Its because of the culture there. India waale jaise bhi hai..apne bado ki izzat karna jaante hai

life in words 6:39 PM  

pata nahin if its becoz of the culture. and i think india mein bhi its become very common now that elderly are living on their own and surviving by themselves. at least in the bigger cities. and no matter what money cant buy love and care. its just really sad. its also really scary to see that one day this may happen to u and there maybe no one who cares enough to look after u.

one thing for sure there is a lot of govt support here for the elderly in terms of parking/housing/foodstamps etc. i dont think its the same in india or even dubai for that matter.

Sharique 10:46 PM  

its becoming common in india because of westernisation. We are slowly moving away from the culture and the results might be dangerous. Even if the govt takes initiative, the love and affection cannot be substituted. aur haa hamaare saath bhi eek aise na ho jaye..aakhir bhidapa to sab ko aata hai..

i wonder how you are able to blog so much and also manage your MBA studies!

life in words 9:00 AM  

lol i mostly blog when i have lot of work to do. thats the time where im bored out of my mind and feel like writing. also its the end of my grad studies so am in total vacation mode.

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