Friday, December 15, 2006

badal ko salam

so i have two finals this coming week. and by finals i mean like take it home types. where u have considerable time to work on each. i really hate these kind of exams for one they are much harder, much much harder. and secondly the pain is not like pulling of a bandage, swift. its more like prolonging and constantly questioning whether ure doing the right thing or not. and thirdly they allow pple to talk together and compare answers, work together etc - althought its explicitly said its not allowed.. and honest to god it sucks. coz u might be doing ure own thing and obviously two brains in most cases is better than one. so u might end up getting a lower grade coz of the simple lack of ethics. and not only that. the class genius hands out his answers too and those guys who are paly n all with the class genius quite obviously get every single thing right.

baaaaaaaaaah. im so mad.

neway, moving on. after a long time i went out with one of my friends for dinner yest. and over the last semester we hardly talked coz of,i wouldnt say a misunderstanding but more like an event that downgraded him to a friend to being a sneaky person. we never really had any showdown as such but just stopped communicating just cordial hi and byes. i can never be that rude to ignore the person. besdies i wasnt that mad anyway. just zapped. but watever, ive forgotten that now and plus the nostalgic leaving school, may never see them again kind of thing is sort of sinking in and plus life is too short to hold grudges. sahi. and so we started talking again and i really dont have any major issues with him anymore. and sure everyone deserves a second chance. however, its very hard to trust the person like u did before. or be the same person that u were. equation changes. u are definetly still more guarded. no matter how much nicer they are to u. word of advice: never ever lie to ure friends, always be upfront and hopefully they will see ure sincerity in ure honesty.


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