Thursday, August 27, 2009

sab ki ek kahani

days go by

she does not hear from him
he does not hear from her

she thinks he does not care
he thinks she does not care

she wants to call him but does not.
he wants to call her but does not.

days go by

he starts to forget her
she starts to forget him

she is in like with someone else
he is in like with someone else

days go by

she accidently dials his number
she never deleted his number
he picks up and says hello, is that you?
he never forgot her voice
she says hello

and then it feels like days ago.


Ace 1:48 AM  

You know there is a trend that people blog about their personal life also.

Maybe you could try it.

There is someone around if I could take the risk of making such a conjecture.

no one and esp a desi writes so much of poetry unless they feel the need to express some deep, unsaid feelings. Of course you could say, I am hallucinating but I shall still stand by my conjecture. Maybe a bit feebly, but still.

Anyway nice poetry. Hauntingly beutiful. It has that melancholy associated with lost love that really touches the heart.

life of pi 7:20 PM  

hahah ashraf i am pleading the 5th amendment. lol, kidding. nahin yaar, nothing like that, thats why its listed as randomness. =). we all have something sad that happens to us be it in life and/or love. and you either draw something from that personal experience or from others experience too, or sometimes its completely imaginary. itna mat socho. :)

Ace 8:45 PM  

galti se sochne lagta hoon.

Kya karoon control nahin hota.

Engr mind. You see a change and you analyze causes

Ace 8:51 PM  

In the most elegant traditions of Urdu poetry, the masters asked the pupil to go out and get their hearts broken. Only then is poetry possible.

"Dil ka dard to paththar ko bhee shaayar bana deta hai",says my mom.

99.99% the sad thing is love. Others just add to the pain but can never be the primary cause

Ace 8:52 PM  

I rest my case . :)

life of pi 9:08 PM  

not really ashraf. the saddest thing in life is not love in the sense of a significant other. i used to think that until you lose one of your beloveds and then you think that you would rather go through a 1000 heartbreaks than that.

good case :)

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