Monday, August 10, 2009

"Just because (s)he likes the same bizzaro crap you do doesn't mean (s)he's your soul mate."- 500 days of summer

ok so i watched the movie above. expecting nothing. since i had not even seen the movie trailor. and like the cleverly juxtaposed scene of expectations versus reality. my expectations of zilch, were very different from the reality. so the verdict - 9/10. i totally loved the movie.

so the story, do not read ahead if you have not seen it, many spoilers ahead. so like the narrator starts its a boy meets girl story but not a love story. so boy likes girl. girl likes boy. girl is not in love with boy and breaks up with boy. girl does not want to be in a relationship. boy spirals into depression. boy quits job. boy meets girl again. same girl. girl and boy dance with each other at a wedding. things supposedly looking good. girl invites boy to dinner party. boy shows up expecting reconciliation. girl shows off her engagement ring to friends. boy runs off and like many a breakups, boy spends days in bed, with no strength to get up. boy quits job and pursues his true dream. boy then meets another girl..

and again it leaves the open ended question of what is exactly is a soulmate. does it exist? are we just driven by the world of chemistry. or the world of familiarity. or the world of wanting to belong to someone. and can you have more than one soulmate? and even if you are happy, how do you know you will always be happy or if this is the happiest u can be. or if this is the maximum happiness you can give to someone else.


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