Wednesday, August 19, 2009

hum bhoolay..duniya bhoolay...hum bikrei..ab kya rona.

at what point
do we become
too old
to feel

at what point
do we become
too old
to be

at what point
do we change
our dreams?


me 1:13 AM  

we're constantly changing. and often we don't realize it. and impractical, im nothing but that. old and impractical aren't synonyms, neither are practicality and youth connected in any way. :) you do get what i mean right? and hi, by the wway! my first time here.

life of pi 6:11 PM  

yup i do :) you are right we are constantly changing..sometimes even when we dont want to..i was trying to write something on the phrase "grow up". thanks for visiting!

Ace 2:00 AM  

Its at the point when we cese to dream and beleive in those dreams.

nice poetry

You inspire me.

Ace 2:01 AM  

cese==cease. My laptop is starting to miss key strokes

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