Sunday, August 30, 2009

ek geet hijar da

so this month, i have been doing my own version of social butterflying. i have been speaking to more and more pple and trying to get better at networking. but most importantly i am now trying to do something which i hav resisted for so long ie. learn the art of small talking. ie learn the art of bsing. yes very much the how to influence people and make friends kinds. :).

anyway so i am now going to be teaching high school math once a week, will blog about that once that happens. but what i am really excited about is this religious event that i went to last weekend. i met quite a few people, and everyone i met was super nice and even with the whole awkwardness one feels when you are going to a new place with no sidekick (read friend to keep you company - so you can talk to each other if people are too weird). but this was a solo mission on my part and i actually had fun. food was great (an impt factor..haha) and i learnt quite a bit, which is rare when i am doing small talk. but what i liked best was the whole non judgemental thing, i have never ever been to any prayer service where men and women have not been segregated. here it was announced that there is no segregation. and i know lot of pple will not agree with it, but if you think about it, you are praying to God and if you say you are going to be distracted by some random guy or girl praying next to you, what use is your prayer anyway to you or to God?

so i thought it was pretty neat, i think its a small and important step not just for equality but common sense too.


Ace 8:43 PM  

Those who disagree are the very people because of which we are in this mess. And why we seem to be stagnating.

Its a powerful idea- the non-seggragation of sexes. Because the attitude of seggregation of sexes furthers the idea that women are inferior to men. The country that denies half of its population the chance to contribute to the economy as workers will never rise. The wealth if any will just be a hallucination.

Anyway, I like this idea of combined jamaat.

life of pi 9:05 PM  

yup me too, it was very respectful and non judgmental

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