Sunday, August 16, 2009

a change would do you no good

one of a girl's or even guy's biggest nightmare, is a bad haircut. i remember when i was 10 and someone was getting married and we were all at the hairdressers and i remember how they had a trainee try their skill on me, coz i was the least demanding client of the lot. so they thought. well anyway, they totally screwed up my haircut and even for a tomboyish 10 year old that i was , even to me - it was devastating. and my dad who was the only person who could console me told me he would make it right and so we went all the way across the city where i got a haircut (yet again) , but this time something that wasnt weird sticking out kinds. a major salvage situation. it may not seem a big deal now, but it was then, it was crucial, it was late at night and hardly anything was open then.

after that, i stopped getting my hair cut ( yea for maybe a really long time). i have had always unmanageable long hair. when i moved here i thought i would get it cut, a bit, so i would look like an insaan for a change. and i did find someone miraculously who gave me a regular, i-dont-even-notice-your-hair-is-cut look every three months or so. and who would check with me before doing anything. possibly she has had her share of whiny 10 year olds and upset dads.

well everything changed yesterday. there were signs everywhere that i should not get my hair cut. for one, the hairdresser i went to was not there and was told to come back at 11:30. at 11:30 they were too busy , i said i would come back later. the salon surprisingly closed early. so i was like damn ill walk around and get another person to cut my hair - i mean its only a trim, really.

i could be so wrong its unbelievable. the lady who cut my hair, was very charming. a russian lady who watches hindi movies, and proceeded to tell me how her son looks like salman khan. and how she loved the movie babul ( stupid movie) and whether salman khan is married? and i m like okay random information. and in that mess, instead of 3 inches she cut off 6 inches! yes double. who does that! how does one not know the difference. this reminds me why you should always tell people less. and as much as i wanted to create a scene and blast her there and then i couldnt, so i did the next best thing i cried in the restroom of a barnes and nobles.

it will take me a whole fricking year to get back to my current length. and i know pple are going to be what did you do to yourself when i go back to work tommorow . great, thanks, thanks a lot salman khan!


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