Thursday, May 07, 2009

let me think. in my box.

people say that you can tell a lot about someone just by looking at their desks. i think this is true. my desk is messy, ok fine extremely messy, but its organized chaos, at least most of the time. i know where my things are. maybe not in those high stress situations, where i have to get one piece of paper that i can never find when i need it. only then. otherwise, i am ok with piling copies of the local newspaper - which i usually skim on the train, sometimes i dont even read it since its so crowded and i really dont want a lawsuit involving me and a paper cut in the eye. watever. so these papers usually are highlighting some embarassing scandal, and that is usually the part that is strewn on my table. so sue me.

anyway, i keep telling myself i will bring in pictures of my family. you know just in case i dont forget about them, excetra excetra. the only thing is - they wont let me, i get on average 5 calls a day from my family and friends. i enjoy the gossip, like any normal person would. but sometimes i enjoy it better, when i can say what i want, without having the whole floor hear it too. so back to what i was saying, i guess i dont always get why pple bring in pictures. i mean i understand bringing your kid's picture and strewing it all over your cube. ok wait no i dont get that. doesnt it make you miss your kid more and bring you to the edge of a nervous breakdown for leaving your kid. beats me. but moreso, i can never understand how pple put up the pictures of their boy/girl-friends. what if you break up? then everyone including the cleaning lady at work knows. and everyone and their mom wants to know the details. and i dont know if i want to put my parents picture up either, coz it will just make me miss home infinite times more.

ok moving on from photographs, i have a steel spoon (no idea how it got onto my table), couple of hand creams/sanitizers which i mostly forget to apply but suspiciously it seems to be getting used up. packetful of gum - politely offered to whomsoever my nose recommends me to. sometimes me included. then there are loads and loads of folders. i cant imagine i have accumulated so much paper in 2 years. just for fun, i want to try to build a little cube of folders in my cube. symbolic and all. i wonder if anyone will get it. they probably wont.

but speaking of desks, apparently when i landed my desk i was like crap im sitting next to boss, that sucks. proximity to boss is directly related to productivity and inversely related to surfing the web. but what i failed to see then was the silver lining, if you may, and which i now see clearly.drumroll...... i sit right next to a window! woohoo! a window, usally given to those high up on the ladder. the window gives me light, the priviledge to be the first one to say "hell its snowing", the possibility to make hand signals to people in the high-rises directly across, and of course my personal favourite allowing me to daydream.

yea ok, i need a window to daydream.


Umar in Dubai 12:51 PM  

organized chaos... i like that... i can say the same about my desk too. maybe i'll write about it on my blog... and post a picture as well.

life of pi 4:26 PM  

yup, do that. thanks for visiting.

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