Thursday, January 22, 2009

yei shehar nahin..mehfil hai

so this month is the month where no one absolutely no one will be out of the office, since this is a do or die month. the die signifying the typical, my sister's favorite phrase, haath ko aya par moon na laga, i.e the bonus that you are so close to but so far away from. (some will argue- what bonus? especially when a certain bank announced that the pool is down by 90%). but this is cruel though to be laid off a week before. so a friend at work, spread the "rumor" that tommorow associates and analysts are going to be axed at a certain bank. since i have friends at that bank, i freaked out and then my chinese whispers extended to a flurry of text messages. apparently there is no smoke with no fire. and everythign is a wait and watch. for tommorow. but till then we have today, and so today afternoon this news comes out.

seriously a million bucks spent on interior decoration is so not cool, especially when pple are losing so much money.this makes me so mad. they behave like chindi chors for a couple of bucks when you want to stay at a hotel closer to campus but they have no qualms paying out pathetic amount of money (practically one person's salary) on a rug, especially when things are bad. thats just wrong. im sorry its not socialistically wrong. its just wrong. any way you look at it.

and why did no career counselor ever tell us that being the driver of an executive is so lucrative.

so then i read this other piece of news today, where michelle obama encourages the middle class to become teachers and nurses and not chase after money, and be dabofied in loans paying them off till your 40s when you are supposed to be saving for your kids. and she says its only coz of the president's best selling books that they are actually okay financially. i dont believe that for a minute. and i dont know if i agree with her statement, the whole american model of success, is built on the whole idea that the middle class can now afford to go to colleges and universities and build a future for themselves, which includes expensive things. which sadly require money. the actual idea being, you can make yourself financially better off given the opportunity. and this shouldnt be the priviledge of the rich. the american system gives you that opportunity. that being said, the world needs more teachers and nurses. and if it were left to me, they would be the people who would be getting a bonus this year, and yes - i would throw in a rug or two.


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