Wednesday, October 15, 2008

its too late to let it in, when its underneath your skin.
so the last and final presidential debate got over. i didnt see most of it, lot of my friends didnt either and im guessing many pple at work prob gave it a miss. ironically the vp debate was more talked about. its pretty obvious both obama and mccain dont like each other. at all. i hope obama wins, he's got youth, reputed credentials, has the believable quality that makes you want to trust him and i would like to say in my very layman knowledge of american foreign policy, his appointment may actually improve US relations with other countries. that being said, i think it takes a lot of guts to stand up and decide to run the country. with great power comes great responsibility, i think thats the quote from spiderman =).and despite my agreeing to disagree with republican policies, i do think it takes a lot of effort for mccain to be runing for president especially when hes 75 and has had a cancer scare. if i was 75 and prone to cancer, God Forbid for the latter, i would be on my world tour right now. screw the economy, screw everything else. i would be sailing on some rented yatch (i dont think i would be able to afford one ever) in the middle of the sea fishing. occasionally zeroing on a radio station to not be in the know of whats happening in the world, but to listen to casey's top 40. ok i digress.
anyway, speaking of screwed up things. a leading bank recently did some mass firing, the manager came in and said you all go now. the whole trading desk was shell shocked. this takes brutality to a whole new level. its even lower than brutal. since this was heard from a friend of a friend, im hoping this is the classic case of chinese whispers/hearsay and not the veritable truth. then again, there is no smoke without fire.
even at work, everyones become more octopusy than normal. octopusy, my own creation, is euphism for sticking your fingers into everything, despite having enough on your plate already, the idea being having a share in everything so you are in the know of everything and can take credit for some piece of everything. and the more octopusy you get, the more "valuable" you become to the firm. never mind you dont finish up your filled to the brim plate.
anyways, in good news since all my posts lately have been pretty cribby. a bunch of us have been selected to do an "interview" about our experiences at the bank. basically potential to be on those recruiting videos, where i use the most cliched line "there is no such thing as a typical day", subtly incorporating the fave buzzwords learning, teamwork and leadership. oddly all seem quite opposites. haha. i dont know about other pple, but recruiting videos at least for wide-eyed wannabees like me were the most fun thing about corporate presentations. and frankly they made the whole place cool. and you actually wanted to be the smiling person in the video. life eventually does comes full circle. hell, more than a full circle.
good nite all.


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