Monday, September 01, 2008

coming home

this labor day i ventured out to the west coast, LA to be precise for four days. as part of a change, and secretly for a feeling the waters kind of thing, to be part of something that would cater to my nomadic existence. one thing i learnt after this vacation, ok well two things, is that i consider new york city now home, perhaps not yet home home but still some kind of home and the second thing how life is not always about work. sometimes its ok to slow down and watch the ships sail away.
so other than doing the typically touristic things, hollywood highland, not seeing any celebrities, standing in line for jimmy kimmel tickets and not getting them [ being approximately the fourth from the point of cutoff - yes kids, not everything in hollywood has a happy ending =0) a classic case of haath ko aya par mun na laga ], santa monica boulevard (yep famous from the Sheryl Crow song), a comedy club (started and ended badly-perhpas its just me and my lack of understanding american wit and humor, or maybe its just them haha), eating self cooked food at a japanese restaurant cooked in a pot (what will pple think of next, its only time they cut out the middle man and have us go to a ginormous fridges in restaurants and get out our food and put it on plate and then sit down to eat with each other). However, that being said I did enjoy it, there is a certain intimacy in sitting down with perfect strangers on a round table, each having their own tangential conversations. but my favourite had to be the universal studios tour (im a kid by heart. ok scratch that. overgrown kid by heart). growing up, i have always shyed away from the typical adrenalin pumping simply awesome scream till your lungs cant breathe roller coaster rides. what a shame. so i decided this time, if people a quarter of my height (yep i am that tall, alrite fine im mildly exaggerating) are going on these rides, how bad can it be. and seriously most of the rides were fun, quite a few heart flip flops, stomach flip flops but before you realize it its over. that and my eyes were firmly shut for 3/4 of the time. next time, will try again with one eye open. =)
now for some sad news, i lost my camera. ironically for someone who is not very camera friendly both in front or behind, i made the effort of actually charging my camera and bringing it with me every day but the last day all because i dont want to forget. the mind is such that it only stores the most happiest moments or the most saddest moments, and not the just happy moments which really are worth remembering too. so more than the actual camera being lost, im more sad about my photos and my remembering that i was here in LA.
so now i do the next best thing- i blog. hopefully when i come back and read this it will remind me of my west experience.


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