Sunday, February 24, 2008

when the stars go blue.

so the movie of the year has to be juno. juno is about a 16 year old girl, who gets pregnant and how she comes to terms with the pregnancy and basically the decisions she makes and how it changes her outlook of life, love, family etc. The biggest plus of the movie is the fact that pretty controversial topics i.e teen pregnancy, pro-life, pro-choice etc have been handled beautifully, without being preachy or holier than thou or even dramatic. The movie is so matter of fact. which is a refreshing change. The dialogues are witty and intelligent, and at the end of the movie you are silently rooting for the opposite to what you felt in the beginning of the movie. which again is a big thing, coz most of the movies that one watches one already knows what to expect and therefore one has already has an opinion and the movie just reinforces it. The second plus of the movie is ellen page, who fits into this role sooo perfectly and without her the movie may have fallen apart. although i do think she might be pigeonholed into similar kind of roles in the future. the only other person i could think of doing this movie is julia stiles but i guess since its primarily based on teen pregnancy and i believe julia stiles is a little older.
anyway this brings me to my question. what does one do if ones child says they are pregnant, and i mean child child. not the children will always be children to their parents, thing. when i was growing up these were all topics no one would talk about, you would find out about it from some friends and its usually accompanied with a lot of snickering, then you would learn about it in biology class in a very non personal way. my biology teacher actually skipped the whole female and male organs lecture and asked us to read it on our own. and theres no question about it, desi parents dont talk to their children about these things. but as the world gets smaller, and more technological, you have busy parents - double incomers, leading to less watch on their kids, more peer pressure, less communication etc. pple living here, i think have it much harder too, since we dont have family, grandparents, outside help to look after/keep a watch on kids. And are parents sometimes the best examples for kids?
so anyway, all open ended questions. heres a preview - courtesy youtubers.


Ashraf's Pen 1:33 AM  

Juno is a good movie but I think it gets a bit boring at times. Getting pregnant in one's teens appears to be doing things a little too fast.And maybe its a mistake.

Beyond it I think in general parents must understand the times have changed.

The age of innocence ends much earlier than parents would like to believe.

There is a joke and I think it says it all.
A mother approaches her 16 year old daughter and stammers "Listen ,I think we should have a talk about sex"
The daughter looks at her mom in resignation and says "OK mom , what do you want to know?"

life of pi 7:04 PM  

i cant believe you found juno boring. i think the dialogues are so witty, i was laughing throughout.
it definetly is a mistkae getting pregnant as a teen. theres a plce and time for everything and definetly having a kid when you are a kid, doesnt exactly constitute as the above.

Ashraf's Pen 1:00 AM  

Ok maybe I missed out on the witty dialogues part. Might have fast-forwarded it a bit too much. ;)

Shall watch it again if I can find the file on LAN.

The funny thing is the age we now consider a 'kid' varies both with culture and time.

Three generations back our great grandmothers were married and had kids at 16. I read the life story of my great grand mother and it was really moving. The troubles we have felt dwarfed to theirs.

In Japan the age of consent is 14, russia 16. In India guys could be jailed for marrying before 21 though child marriages exist in many areas

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