Wednesday, January 02, 2008

We belong to Him and to Him is our return.

last weeks breaking news about benazir bhuttos assasination dumbfounded a lot of us. i was going with my mom to the clinic when a relative called up to tell us this breaking news. when we reached the clinic, a pakistani patient sat there shell shocked exasperately trying to get the tv to work in the waiting room. we flipped over couple of channels and finally saw that was not just a mere rumor but a fact. benazir bhutto was dead. i cant say that i know much about politics, let a lone politics in pakistan. and i cant comment about it. and i dont know too many things about her. there are lot of pple who applaud her for her courage. there are those that berate her for her corrupt ways. maybe she was corrupt, maybe she was a patriot. it doesnt matter at the end of the day. its a horrible way to die. and no matter what the reason the person had to do this it doesnt make it correct. two wrongs have never made a right.i feel really sad for her kids. its horrible to watch your mom die like that. i seriously dont know why the bhuttos continue in politics.

my dad used to be the doctor at the school where the kids studied and he told us about it on how shy the kids were and well behaved and didnt behave as kids of someone famous.
when i landed at jfk airport, while standing in immigration i read the breaking news that bilalwal will now succeed Benazir Bhutto, I was really disappointed. sometimes the ridiculousness of pple appall me, why would your pressurize (im assuming its pressure) a teenager to contest elections. with all due respect, why do you think he has the mental ability and the emotional capacity to do so. hes still a kid! hes barely finishing undergrad, why do you think he would know how to handle a party or if he was voted in, what would he know about economic affairs. despite coming from a doctors family that doesnt make me ready to conduct a bypass surgery tommorow.
its the same thing i believe.

and i dont understand why the world is so gung ho about this whole nepotism thing. keeping it in the family. this is the case everywhere. in india, the whole obsession with the gandhi clan. and in pakistan the bhuttos. in the US the clintons or the bushes. i cant understand why. my weak answer to this is we are comfortable with the known and it may or may not be good for you. but since we know it, we keep going back to it.


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