Saturday, December 22, 2007

dil khush jahan, teri toh manzil hai wahi- (where the heart lies, is your destination)
so the movie of the week is taare zameen par. story about a dyslexic child, essayed by darsheel sarfary, and how he overcomes the challenges that he faces. aamir khan plays the role of his art teacher, who faced dyslexia as a child too, he understands the child's problems and encourages him and helps him overcome it.
this is a great movie. it is really honest and its narrated in a very simple manner and does it without being preachy or melodramatic. its something that could happen to any of us or any of our kids.
there are many other themes in this movie, other than dyslexia which the movie touches upon. which many of us would identify with at some point in our life. some of the incidents reminded me of my childhood too.
ishaan's capturing fish in his bottle, we used to catch toads that used to be abundant in our garden during the monsoon season and we would put them into a "dalda" bottle overnight and feed them and then release them in the morning.
the art competition scene where all children woudl be given in a theme, and you would sit in a row and paint. i remember i had gone for one of these competitions and we would be seated in rows and there were so many kids. more than my painting i remember this kids painting who was sitting next to me, it was a painting of a sunset and it was a shadow of a girl watching from a balcony.
ishaan asking his elder brother to write him an absent note when he skipped class. the many times ive written a note for my friends and even for my sister to skip gym class. the times my sisters faked my parents signature when they received a bad grade.
parents finding an exam paper with low grades and yelling at you. like really yelling with eyes popping and calling you useless. =) at the same time really worrying about you, putting you into schools that are still pricey so you can get the best education.
parents not always being able to articulate their feelings and show how much they really love you.
threatening us to send us to boarding school in panchgini. they never did, though.
my favourite scenes in the movie are definetly when ishaan goes to boarding school and his parents and brother are leaving, the song Maa is so touching and it just makes you cry. its just so sad, the scenes where the mom cries throughout the whole trip back home and the scenes where ishaan cries in the bathroom. and then later on when he is numb and super depressed and cant cry anymore. the other scene which i really really loved was when he shows his painting to aamir khan and slowly he edges towards aamir khans painting to see what his guru has done, and then sees his own portrait. its just soooo awesome that scene. both actors are wonderful. the scene where after ishaan has a fight with some boy in the neighbourhood, his dad is packing his bag for a business trip and goes hes leaving coz he had a fight, ishaan takes him seriously and cries and then his mom goes to the dad why are u troubling him for nothing. it just so real. as a kid and even now your constant fear is your loved ones will disappear one day.
superb performances by all the actors, especially darsheel sarfary.
definetly, a must watch.


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