Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Jeevan hai, jaan hai, ya parchaayee hai

so this weekend, me and a friend played cupid to another friend of ours. there seemed to be a lot of common stuff between both of them and i was quite excited that i have officially become a "rishtawali aunty" now. (haha - NOT). me and my friend both were there as the "body guards". anyway it wasnt a complete lost cause. coz both pple, who were being introduced, (not in an obvious way of course) are friendly and good pple. sadly, they hardly spoke to each other. and the guy was more interested in getting his hair cut then talking to us. and he kept looking at his watch too. not a great sign. but in the end, both parties when questioned, individually of course, agreed that they would rather just be friends.

sometimes first impressions are everything. sad, but true.

neway, ramadan has been going along fine. just miss home a lot. and i mean a lot. and it has nothing to do with the special food cooked during iftari. (ok maybe a little) .

but theres something missing. and i cant explain the feeling.

on the other hand, sometimes someone says something or does something and then it feels like home.

at a turkish restaurant few mins before iftari, waiting (im)patiently for my takeout.
waiter: sister, are you fasting.
me: yea
waiter(big smile) *goes and brings a bowl of dates*



Ashraf's Pen 2:06 AM  

FIrst impressions matter the most in many cases.

It was a lesson I learnt in my first year of colllege. A senior asked me about my impression of the colege just days after my joining. I protested saying I have just been here.

His reply was simple"First impressions are generally last impressions" And he was right coz my impression has not substantially changed from that first moment.

In fact future opinions are generally just a version of the first impression. As someone put it the first impression is what matters in an interview. After the first 2-3 minutes the interviewer is either searching for why to select the candidate or in case the first impression was bad, reasons to reject the candidate

Anyway ramzan mubarak

pi,  5:29 PM  

i agree and im quite tempted to say first impressions are pretty accurate only in rare stances.

and a ramzan mubarak to you too! ( a little two weeks late =))

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