Wednesday, August 29, 2007

amriki chai.

so my latest quest at work is to make a good cup of chai. since we dont have the chaiwallas to bring us a cup of kadak dood wali chai, we have to make our own lipton tea bag-fat-free-milk-hot-water versions. yes, this is the wally in me. [in case anyone doesnt know what im talking about, wally is a character in dilbert cartoons that doesnt do any work and mostly is wandering around with a cup of coffee/tea in his hand). [however i do, do work].

so ive tried different variations of first putting 3/4 hot water and 1/4 milk then the tea bags then microwaving the sad styrofoam cup (is there a more depressing thing than looking at white styrofoam cups, but i shouldnt complain coz im too lazy to actually remember to rinse my ceramic coffee/tea mug.)

so as i was saying ive tried different combinations of the above in different orders. but it has the same bland yucky taste that everytime i take the first sip i cringe. ( again im not a tea drinker and i only do it so i dont fall asleep after lunch time) ( i cant even surf the net, to stay awake, coz of my manager and his manager sitting in so close proximity). and coz apathy hasnt hit me yet. ( the secretary of the head of the group actually makes bids on items on ebay during work quite obliviously to whoevers watching and she actually asks me whether they are good bids.)

anyway i don know about others i sort of expected a variation of the boss in dilbert. not my boss ( coz hes awesome) but i expected some other bosses to be that way. (yes i can be naive and all that) and so sometimes i expect the head of the groups not to absorb all this heavy duty math stuff and not to really "know know" whats going on. but impressively they do and they actually ask insightful questions that make you think why didnt i think of this. so yes dont believe everything you read and definetly not a comic book.

and today my boss gave me a tip about his boss, watch for the arch of the eyebrow if it is arched for more than a minute, understand things arent going that well for you.

if only we all came with handbooks for body language.

PS if anyone knows how to make a good cup of tea with only teabags, milk and a microwave. please let me know.


Ashraf's Pen 1:34 PM  

I have never used a micro wave but I guess these ought to work.

Use 1/2 cup of water and 1/2 cup milk (better taste). Add sugar, stir and put in microwave for a min.

Afterwards dip the teabags in the hot milk-water mixture And kind of dip and dip again till the tea attain a light brown colour. Remove the teabag and check take a sip to see if the flavour is too light for you. If so dip the teabag a little more.

Do remeber to remove and throw the teabag before starting to enjoy the tea else the flavour will keep getting stronger.

Hopefully these should work. If not consult a black magic practitioner to help you

pi,  3:35 PM  

thank you. i wll test this method tomm.

Ashraf's Pen 12:40 PM  

the pleasure is all mine

life of pi 1:47 PM  

ok ashraf i tried it and it still sucks. i guess its me and my lack of good-tea-making-gene

Ashraf's Pen 4:49 AM  

I dont beleive it.

SO what could be the other reasons

Check if the below points hold

1) You are just warming the water not boiling it.

2) U are using like totally skimmed milk with no fat content.

3) You are using a new or off beat flavour of tea. For example darjeeling tea is very little on flavour and colour

life of pi 11:56 AM  

i think the first 2 are pretty accurate. wow tea expert in the making. ok stupid question but how long can u microwave a styrofoam cup to boiling point but before it starts melting.[im kidding dont answer that]. will try again. i shall succeed.

Ashraf's Pen 8:26 PM  

Of course u shall succeed.

Tea is the easiest drink to make. I learnt it as a kid.

Keep on trying till u get the proportions right thnn stick to it

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