Saturday, July 28, 2007

coz there's an incidence in a coincidence.

yesterday was a great day. for one we actualy got out of training on the weekend. i pity the other groups, that havent been able to do. there is sometimes power in small numbers. neway that was enough to lift my spirits. but what made it nicer was meeting a friend that i hadnt met since high school. it was so surreal. i mean of all the places to meet them i met them in times square.(and ive been cribbing about the fact that i cant walk there anymore) and while we were having the "omigod is it really you" moment her sisters were taping the whole thing. made me a little self concious but it was really nice and later on when i met up other friends for dinner, my excitement hadnt worn off.

it really is a small world.

yesterdays highlights included finally eating at a french restaurant. im a bit disappointed that the menu wasnt in french. how unauthentic at that. but the fact that it had weird enough items on the menu, liver mousse, gapazalo (sp!). it was enough to redeem itself. im not so much an experimenter on these things, but my friend who had it really liked the "weird" dishes.

the movie of the week now, chucky and larry. seriously pathetic movie. its not funny. the humor is really crude. and i cant understand how girls would fall for adam sandler who is supposed to be a "ladies man". in other news, the theatre we went to watch is in time square and it had black out. there was no one to guide us out, i mean sure there are exit signs, but it could have caused a major stampede. and then later on many of us were exiting via the escalators rather than the stairs. coz we didnt want to be alone in the dark if the light in the stairway went out. i was really scared that anymoment now someone is going to fall from behind and its going to cause a stampede. im shocked that such a popular place is leeking of safety hazards.

dont watch this movie. only rent it if you love the sitcom guy.


Anonymous,  1:18 AM  

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Ashraf's Pen 12:19 AM  


Its a delight to meet people one knows at random places. Sadly there aint more of such times.
A new blog on business. Wow work surely never leaves u for long.

So hows the weather in the big apple.

life of pi 6:16 PM  

khozem: thanks.

ashraf: this isnt work actually. if it were, id probably be fired by now. i know so little. the weather, humid and sticky at times. rainy and sticky at times. rainy humid others. i think ive covered all the permutations.

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