Wednesday, May 02, 2007

in dinon keh raha dil mera, tuuuuuu khwab saja

ok so now im getting used to categorizing the events of the day. the bad, the good and the blah. since ive decided to be more optimistic im restricting this to the good and the blah only. this again is subjective.

the good:

i deserve three pats on the back today. one for each furniture i assembled. that too by myself. solo mission. you get so lazy back home coz everything comes assembled,(instructions. wat instructions??) or for a small small price you can get it assembled. i tried to get someone to assemble it for me here but it was coming up to twice what my furniture cost! so desi that i am, i decided this is not rocket science, i can do this. and i did. yayyy

so wat else? getting a free ride on the bus. thanks to my 32-tooth smile. =)

the blah:

i promised myself i would get to know everyone on my floor, coz its always good to know your neighbours (i.e i can always leave my potted plant, and future goldfish with them when im away). this of course isnt a great thing always, coz sadly the walls here are very thin if someone sneezes in the next room you can hear it. so if you are having a yelling match with your sibling or whoever. your neighbours know its you coz they know how you sound like. if they dont know you, well then they can keep guessing if it was you or not.

so ive gotten to know two, theres E who when talking to me never really looks at me and i dont think shes really listening to what im saying. their shoes are always outside their apt and they are of various sizes but ive never seen anyone else apart from her living there. hmmmm, mystery.

then theres L who reminds me of this comic character called Luanne. i dont know why, she just does. i think shes irish coz she seems to have a lot of irish-y things outside her apartment, either that or shes really into St. patricks day. and for some reason she keeps calling me Wendy! in no way do i look like a wendy and my name does not even sound remotely close to that!

laundermats in nyc. bahhhhhhhhhh. so i was tricked into thinking that i have a laundry room in my building. never trust anyone, unless you see it with your own eyes. so now i have to go acroos the street to do dmy laundry. my friends think im being a big baby (read loser) and that i should just give it to the chinese laundermat downstairs to do it. hell, even the chinese laundry woman thinks im a procrastinator. i, personally think she should be a marketing specialist. these were her exact words. "time is money, we save you time and money. u want to save both rite? ".i just feel weird letting someone else do it. or rather a stranger do it. i guess time will tell whether i shall succumb to convenience (read : laziness).


Khozem F Sahiwala 2:40 AM  

Are you writing for your ownself or for others.

See, In todays world no one is interested in you that what you does.

Anyway, Sorry and Oblige for that.

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life of pi 4:36 PM  

LOL,but this blog is about me! and my thoughts. it says so in the description. i write whatever and whenever i feel like writing, i write for myself and i appreciate everyones comments on my blog. there is not much gyan to be got from my blog. =)

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