Monday, February 26, 2007

of being grammatically correct

one of my friends who reads my blog tells me that my grammar is atrocious. and my spelling is even worse than atrocious. [wats a word worse than atrocious?] i have never used the spell checker on blogger (does it have spell check neway), i am THAT lazy. even on word documents once i hit the four page mark, its "ignore all" on the spell checker. ( i make bets, with umm..myself, that the TA wont read more than 4 pages. fortunetly, i am usually right) ok so, wat else? i dont write full sentences and often my sentences are short and random. they dont even make sense sometimes to even me. i start on one topic and then go off tangent in the same sentence. and often like now i will take a whole paragraph and half (maybe more) to get to my point. very similar to the way i talk. creating unncessary suspense. this is all well and good since this is a blog and it doesnt really matter how polished/good i write. but shockingly (nOT) this writing etiquette (lack there of) is spilling over to my formal letters/emails. my I's have permanently changed to i. its more humble, no? (is that a yes or a no?) my most favouritest mistake is probably this (most favouritest, the most with the est).
admist all this crap, there is only one saving grace. thankfully, I dont suffer the z syndrome. the z of the howz it going? watz up? that, and the mixed caps and small letters syndrome. SoMeThinG liKe ThiS? this is particularly annoying on IM. this bugs me no end. instead of "what". its become "wat".
and i often confuse right with write. so much so that i will read the sentence twice and sometimes even change it to the wrong right thinking that i am write! =)
then there is the hinglish that one suffers from. and words that we made up at university that we use so often, that while talking to someone else we dont even remember to explain. after two mins the person goes umm whats that mean.
case in point "chappa". chappa probably has no meaning in the hindi language. maybe it does, who knows. but whomsoever we've used this word with havent ever heard about it.
for us "chappa" means a weirdo, an unreasonable weirdo, an aashiq awara who is more awara than aashiqable (literal translation -loveable), a fool, a pathetic person and i guess a weirdo again. all interchangeable. or "hero" someone who is ANYTHING but that.
then there are words like "champloosi" (flattery) and recent words, all thanks to hindi movies, like "gandhigiri" (to behave like Gandhi),"desi-giri", "puchka" (an embarassing moment) which invariably form a part of your slowly expanding dictionary.
sadly this has seeped into my formal lingo and im scared once i start work that any momemnt i will be calling my boss "chappa" and doing my own "puchka". i better start doing "chaploosi" from now.


Ashraf's Pen 5:32 AM  

I think the beauty of a blog lies in its flexibility and the fact one can steer it anyway.

To attach conventions with a blog would be a mistake. Coz variations make it interesting.

Adding to your Vocabulary. THis is AIT lingo-fight,bakar,khopcha,bhasad.

How many can you figure out? try

pi,  8:36 AM  

fight - probably an urge to fight. on the lines of fight, fight, fight. (i have no creativity)

bakar - the bakar of the "akar bakar bambei bo" fame?

khopcha - a cop who behaves like hes ure chacha? in short sounding like copcha.

bhasad - some kind of bore?

im placing bets that i will get 0 right.

Ashraf,  6:33 AM  

You won the bet.

And who says you are not creative.

You were so good that none of the answers were even close. :)

life in words 9:30 AM  

sooooo..what are the answers?
and wats AIT?

Ashraf,  12:43 PM  

Well AIT is Army Institute of Technology Pune.

As for the answers, wait two-three days. I intend to create a whole post on the lingo

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