Wednesday, January 24, 2007

salute the chef

feeling overtly adventurous today i decided to make seekh kabab for dinner. and that too from scratch. and by scratch i mean not calling daily restaurant and making one plate order. its pretty simple. and anyone interested in trying this at home. you may do so. of course at own risk. if it sucks blame the chef.

wash the minced meat(keema)
cut onions into small pieces, fry until crisp.
mix the onions with garlic, ginger, garam masala, salt, cut chilis, cheddar cheese, and malai with the minced meat.
crushed kajus (cashewnuts)
allow to marinate for an hour
put on hot skewers
and tada we're done.

we were supposed to put raw papaya paste(whatever thats supposed to mean) but decided not to. way too much risk. why would anyone put papaya in seek kabab. but what do i know. like mostly with our cooking, we tend to put 'jo maan chaha'. and whenever me and my roommate used to cook, we used to put everything and anything in the food. to the point where everything tasted exactly the same. to the point where chicken curry tastes like rajma. very sad.

moving tracks, KBC with SRK finally started. I think Bachan was so much better. SRK is so sarcastic at times and is not as gracious as the senior Bachan. Perhaps it comes with age. or perhaps hes nervous and ends up being a little over the top. oh wait, that is SRK's speciality. The second contestant on the show a doctor had such weird aspirations. with the 2 crores he wanted to make a movie with george clooney. err... i dont even think thats even 1% of clooney's fees. and secondly why would you say that to SRK, of all people. that is just stupid. at least theres one good thing about SRK he doesnt create unnecessary suspense and drama.


TwinTopaz 5:52 AM  

Ahem...raw pappaya is used for "galwat"

Anonymous,  5:58 AM  

Without raw papaaya you will not be able to marinate the meat and it would not be soft enough.

There are of course multiple other substitutesfor it.

life in words 8:31 AM  

twintopaz: err... galwat? way too high tech urdu.

ashraf's pen: no wonder! it wouldnt stick on the skewers either. maybe that was the reason too.

Ashraf's Pen 8:37 PM  

galawat is a marinater or softener.

galna or its variant would mean to soften up.

Its easy:)

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