Saturday, January 20, 2007


so we went to see cirque de soleil's quidam show. and it was awesome. the troupe was super flexible, something which only i can dream of! and i cant imagine how much effort, energy, risk they put in/take at every performance. hanging by a rope, by a curtain on someone's shoulders. they take so much risk. one false movement can put them out of functioning for some time or even sometimes permanently. in the midst of the acrobatic stunts, they had a clown come in and pick out pple from the audience. everytime the spotlight came towards us, me and my mom would lower our gaze or pretend to talk to each other. thank God we didnt get picked.

it reminded me so much of the time we went to the stand up comedy show of shazia mirza.who is supposedly the first muslim female comedian. NOT. it was really really really bad. and we wanted to leave immediately. and its not coz we dont have sense of humor. actually maybe it is. haha. no its not that just some of hte humor was just way out of bounds. parts of it is ok. but not something you can sit with your mom and watch. anyway although we wanted to leave within 10 mins of the show. and with my mom constantly going "pple know me here, what will they think!". we still stayed put. coz mirza would yell at anyone who stood up even if the person wanted to go to the bathroom! and like yesterday we refused to make eye contact. but since like fools we were sitting practically in the front, she picked on us for a minute. she was like to me something on the lines of your mom looks shocked. i think my mom was more irritated than shocked. and probably had a disgusted look on her face. and she was very mad at me since it was my suggestion to go and see standup comedy. and as usual yei mere saath hi hota hai. that my suggestion is always a bad suggestion. so next time im keeping my mouth shut. i just thought it would be different and considering the comedian is muslim and female. i really thought the comedy would be pg-13. i was so so wrong.

anyway when we were trying to escape from the place, which by the way was a club, which should have been a red flag in the beginning itself. but i was like it looks like a club maybe its just a setup. i can be so dumb sometimes. and when we went in and saw these bunch of hefty bouncers. i was like 'oh-oh this wasnt wat i imagined'. so while we were trying to escape, we saw some of my mom's earlier colleagues from the hospital. but thankfully they didnt see us.

ok anyhoo back to the cirque de soleil clown thing, they picked mostly westerners from the audience. and i can totally understand this. coz desis (i mean regular desis not bollywood stars) would never agree to come up on stage and do some acting. this includes lying on the ground and creating a fit, acting like you are in love with someone, scratching your butt, etc. its time to face the fact : we are spoilt sports.


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