Thursday, December 28, 2006

the tale of two cities

ive been sleeping like a log for the past week. as much as id like to contribute that to jet lag, its not. perhaps its something in terms of the water here. dont know. but am sleepy and lethargic all the time. from the start my trip was jinxed. the landlord refused to shorten my lease. i forgot to throw out a bunch of stuff from my bathroom and the cab driver to the airport was in a terrible mood and although i tipped him quite a bit (its a mystery to me why as well) his mood just didnt get better. watever. and then my bag never made it on my connecting flight. i got the middle seat. with two crying babies in the seats in front and behind. and just when i thought things couldnt get worse, the kid behind started kicking my chair. the guy next to me didnt talk one bit and negated everything i said. "i love new york city" was responded with " i absoulutely hate new york city" ok jeez. bite me. after trying to talk, i mean i know its sometimes annoying to sit next to the person who doesnt shut up but then its just polite to introduce ureself and have some kind of conversation. i mean you are sitting next to hte person for the next 15 hours or so rite. neway the guy on the right decided me and the other dude were boring as hell and he switched seats even though he had an aisle seat. i agree with him. on the other aisle seat there was this kid who was playing some game and i really wanted to join the game. i usually play inflight trivia (general knowledge questions) and i really enjoy playing that and my mom usually has a love-hate relationship with that game. she never plays with me but always wants to read the questions and somehow even if its just me playing by myself, her blood pressure rises. we are way too competitive desis. =).

neway my flight was late, we stopped in germany and i spoke to two pple who were like are u from there and im like yea and i was like wow how did they know, till they pointed to my backpack. i can be totally duh sometimes. then there was this resident doctor from boston called zara, i really love that name, and we had a five minute conversation. and she seemed liek a really interetsing person and when she asked me what did i watch during the flight. and since i have teeny bopper taste and nothing remotely refined i said i watched my super ex girlfriend and the breakup (both sucked majorly, wasted grey cells) and then i asked her and she was like oh i watched this documentary thing. (i cant even remember the name-goes to show how much i pay attention) neway i was a bit embarassed. im sure shes just like three four years older to me. but far more mature. neway we had nice conversation and then said our goodbyes. i wonder if anyone ever actually keeps in touch with pple they meet on a plane. i know i have never. i have exchanged emails once in a while but never really called or emailed. for that matter, no one has done the same.

neway, at dxb, a lot of pple hadnt got their stuff and it was highly irritating to have pple cut the line and pretend that they dont even see u standing there. normally im ok with this and would be like fine ure in a huge hurry, go ahead. but i was really irritated by then, lack of sleep, lack of good food, etc and my family had been waiting for me 3 hours at the airport. so i gave the guy a piece of my mind and just when im like "wow im assertive", the attendant is like listen its not our airline's problem. you have to wait for more time before we can file your complaint. gone are the days, when pple were helpful to each other. just coz they could be.

the sad part of the story is that i am so absent minded i never even noticed what color my bag was, what brand it was is door ki baat. so basically im complaining about a bag with no tag and no idea about the color jsut that its huge. i cannot believe my dumbness sometimes. finally we did find it, coz we usually tag our bag with our standard blue plastic bag. which even then, i wasnt sure if i had that identification on my bag.

to be continued...

P.S i started this post two days ago. today is eid and wishing everyone who has stumbled over this blog/ read this blog a beautiful eid. May this eid bring you loads of happiness and joy.


Sharique 8:25 AM  

Eid Mubarak ho! So you are back home in dubai?

life in words 9:12 AM  

thanks, sharique! Hope you have a good eid too. Yep, im back home in dubai. and everytime i come back its a new and different dubai.

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