Wednesday, December 20, 2006

ab hum kya kahei
Ghalib nei farmaya hai:
Ishq hai jisko, khalal hai dimag ka...
According to the poet Mirza Ghalib:
Love is an illusion
marina khan: if mera bas chal ta toh, ssshh, magar mera bas hi nahin chalta!
zara: kya kar loghi if tumhara bas chalta
marina khan: mein wusko spaceship mein band kar kei, wusko mars pauch ja jati
(storyline: marina khan(mk) and zara are sisters and mk doesnt like zara's fiancee)
s:aap mohabat ko manti toh hai na

zara: mohabat hamari zindagi ki sabsei baree zaroorat toh nahin hai, kei iska zikar har kitaab ya phir har kahani mein ho. mujhei aisa lagta hai duniya kei tamam logh is saazish mein lage rehtai hai, ya kisi na kisi tara apnei aap ko yakeen dila dei tei hai, keh aglei mor pei kissi shandar see cheez karhi hai jissei woh bas thodi si mehnat kei baad haasil kar sakte hai

s:yei ghaliban shakespear nei kaha tha
zara: ji nahin, yei meinei khud kaha hai

zara: main bhi pehlai bahut jazbaati hoti thi,phoolon ki, baarish ki, aur titliyon ki baatein karti thi.
lekin mujhei ab pata chala zindagi bas tabthi dhoop ka naam hai. aur baki sab ek khwab..
- Tanhaiyaaan (Haseena Moin)
I grew up watching pakistani dramas that my parents used to rent from our video stores. and i remember my dad, who never used to watch any hindi movies, would stay up all night to watch these dramas. and far as i remember, i hardly used to find them interesting coz they would be a bit slow and there would be no naach gaana in them. how else can u sustain a 12 year old's attention. but now when i go and watch these dramas, i cant sleep either and its terribly addictive. its also very pleasant kind of drama, not the in your face/super melodrama kinds. the romantic stories are very decent and sometimes silences are enough to convey your feelings. one of my favorites is tanhaiyaan, its a story about two sisters and their parents pass away in a car accident and they have to leave their home and the drama is about how the elder sister tries to get back their house. theres so much one can identify with here, coz at some point of time one has always been let down by people from who one expects but then there are times where pple will do so much for you and sometimes words are jsut not enough to thank them. also its a lovely story on how one has a goal and that if with a true consicience and if it really is in ure heart u can achieve it, at the same time it also touches on how halaats (circumstances) dont define u, but how you define your halaats


Sharique 5:33 AM  

I somehow never developed the taste. There is a famous drama called "Kyon ki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi". My mother is an addict. Even i used to watch this along with her. But when I left home, i never bothered to catch up. Upon reaching home after many months and catching an episode, i told my mom "arre etne maheeno me sirf etna hi hua!!"
damn they are so addictive and i can never associate myself with them.

life in words 6:39 AM  

hahahaah. my mom watches that too! that and "kahin to hoga". i used to watch that also, but i would get high bp everytime id watch these shows. Theres always some misunderstanding that can be easily cleared but it blows up and becomes more confusing. Not to mention they are so unrealistic and there is always one sati savitri who can do no wrong. aka tulsi. god i hate that show i cant understand HOW it can be that popular. so illogical.

Sharique 9:44 PM  

that sati savitri is a star among many. Actually she got lot of marriage proposals after that show

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